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In Today’s digital economy, cyber security threats are everywhere.
e-Safe Compliance simplifies your data security problems by securing the Information vital to your business, without compromising productivity.

Data Security is the new Black

Companies operating in the Defence Supply Chain face a number of additional threats and challenges not encountered by traditional businesses.

Global defence companies (the “Primes”) have resources in people and money that smaller, SME companies simply cannot match. 

In the past, this weaker ‘Security Posture’ has meant that SME’s failed to secure contract work that was deemed too sensitive for their insecure organisations to handle.

The growing global threat environment, along with concerns over Australia’s Sovereign Defence Capabilities, have seen a shift in the security requirements expected from defence supply chain businesses.

Increasingly, businesses with interests or aspirations in the defence supply chain are encountering questions about their data security.

e-Safe Compliance can help you answer these questions, raise your security posture and provide a greater degree of certainty in an uncertain world.

  • Comply with Regulations
  • Detect and Eliminate Insider Threats
  • Prevent Breaches from Human Error
  • Cover Security Gaps and Conquer Shadow IT

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